Kerimdra (Helmen)

The Hidden Temple

Ari son of Hialt hired the party to go and fetch a historic orb that has been lost for centuries. He provided them a map and sent them on the way. They then reached the temple and solved a riddle to gain entrance.

Rescue the princess... well sort of...

The party started out in the small lumbering village of Kradwood in the duchy of Helmen. Mograine the dwarven cleric, Shumar the human fighter, and Hardleh the human bard were all resting the in The Gleaming Wolf’s main room with Roscoe the halfling rogue entertaining the patrons with acts of juggling when one of the magistrate’s servants burst into the hall seeking adventurers. Following the servant to Magistrate Liam Garholt’s residence they learn that his daughter Lady Ilyd Garholt has been abducted on her way to her cousin’s up north in the town of Akthar. Roscoe tries to haggle with Lord Garholt over the value of her health and a hesitant agreement is made for 1000 gp.

The party heads north along the Cenfirth’s Route and finds the caravan torn asunder with guards scattered about the area filled with arrows and throats ripped out. The party finds a trail of paw prints heading East into The Mossfell, a thick forest spanning hundreds of miles. The party follows the trail to a small creek where they find two goblin scouts atop worgs and mete out death quickly but a goblin escapes into the woods outpacing the dwarf. The party successfully find the trail and begin to track the goblin.

A few minutes later as the party crosses over a hill, they are greeted by two goblins who fire arrows at them. The party charged in slaying one and the other dove into some brush behind them. Hardleh follows suit diving over the brush to find a cave entrance behind it and no goblin to be seen. The rest of the party gather and begin to explore when the sound of angry goblins can be heard down one of the tunnels. The party decides to duck down a different tunnel but fail their stealth check and thus begins the goblin march into the party who are backed into a wall.Using “goblin tactics” the party is stuck at many times but due to the bards inspiring words the wounds are mostly minor… until Hardleh takes an arrow to the face trying to catch it with his teeth.

After a few rounds of back and forth combat the party debates piling the corpses into a wall to get a short rest but decide quickly they aren’t able to do so. They charge through the tunnel clearing out more goblins back into the main chamber of the cave to only be assaulted by an archer line of more goblins. Mograine falls under the barrage. Roscoe take this opportunity to dive and use Mograine as cover and uses the dwarf’s back as prop for his crossbow and begins picking off the archers. Shumar charges up and begins standing toe to toe with goblin boss while Hardleh takes another arrow to the face trying the same trick but failing again. Mograine by the power of Moradin comes back to (natural 20 on a death save) and runs to aid Hardleh using his last heal to stabilize. With the rest of the party up and inspiring words from Hardleh both Roscoe and Shumar, with the final blow, finish off the goblin boss.

The party proceeds to search the cave and finds some chests of lady dresses, a small box of gold, and other various items. Continuing to search they do eventually find the daughter and take her home but not without feeding the last remaining worg the remains of the goblin band. the party receives their 1000 gp reward and are told that they will be labeled as heroes of Kradwood for rescuing the magistrate’s daughter.


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